Tuesday - 05/21/2024

Dickson County Chamber & Tourism
205 South Main Street, Dickson, TN 37055

How does it work?

A group of community leaders with diverse backgrounds and experiences participate in a program of activities and events that will broaden their perspectives and decision-making skills to better address community needs and resources. These men and women may be nominated by individuals, organizations/ businesses or may nominate themselves.

The program consists of a two-day opening retreat, seven program days and a closing retreat as well as a graduation ceremony.

Prior to the start of each year’s class, eight different one-day programs will be planned. A topic of community interest or issues will be the subject of each program.

The day’s program may include plenary sessions, group discussions, role play exercises, site visits, tours, etc. For example, a day on education could involve visiting several schools and/or meeting area school officials.

What happens at the end?

The end of each year’s program will not be the end of participant involvement. Leadership Dickson County Alumni Association provides educational and social opportunities for the participants. Alumni also support the program by assisting with planning for future programs and by identifying potential participants.  For more info, please go to their website.  LDCAA Website

How can someone participate?

Candidates for Leadership Dickson County must submit an application for the program. There is an brief interview set up at that time.  The final make-up of the class will be determined by the Leadership Dickson County Alumni Board of Directors Selection Committee.

What is the cost?

Where can I get more information?

Leadership Dickson County is a tuition-based program. The participant or his/her sponsoring organization or business is expected to cover the cost. Limited scholarships are available. For details of the scholarship program, please contact the Program Director, Jennie Wagner. Tuition for the class is $425 with a $25 non-refundable application fee due when application is submitted.

Please contact us at:
Leadership Dickson County
Phone: (615) 446-2349
Fax: (615) 441-3112


What are the benefits?

Most of us know less about our local government and civic organizations than we do about our national government and organizations. It is difficult to assume a leadership position in the community unless you are informed. Leadership Dickson County helps develop leaders with more awareness and sensitivity to community issues.

Participants will establish a network that cuts across social, economic, professional and jurisdictional lines. Lastly, the community benefits by having a cadre of people with a greater understanding and appreciation of community issues and how these issues need to be addressed.


Our valued Sponsors show their full support of the Chamber throughout the year and go the extra mile with their membership. Our Partners of Progress receive exclusive benefits, heightened exposure and recognition for their commitment to the community through their leadership.