• Membership Benefits

  • Why Invest in the Chamber?

    Regardless of the size of your company or the amount of time you have been in business, we take very seriously the opportunity to provide strong, positive benefits to you as a member.

    So, why is membership in the Dickson County Chamber important to your business?

    Business Credibility

    A study by The American Chamber of Commerce Executives has found that when consumers know a business is a member of the Chamber of Commerce:

    • 69% believe it shows your business has a good reputation
    • 70% believe it shows you use good business practices
    • 63% say they are more likely to purchase from that company

    What this means to you: Your business gains instant credibility among the members of this community because you have aligned yourself with this Chamber. This makes the first step of marketing your business more effective because consumers trust you quickly.


    The heart of our Chamber is giving business referrals to our members. We refer Chamber members first to visitors or callers.

    What this means to you: Our staff is constantly asked, "Can you recommend a...", and as a member, we will refer interested persons to you. Watch for our referral cards in the mail as we recommend your business to a potential customer.


    Networking is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. The Chamber offers monthly luncheons in addition to special Chamber events which allow you to develop business relationships with potential clients and partners. In addition, we host an annual golf tournament and an annual banquet that are fun places to meet fellow Chamber members.

    What this means to you: Becoming a frequent and effective networker can mean many new connections and contacts with potential to turn into business.

    Marketing and Advertising Opportunities

    Chamber members have unique marketing and advertising opportunities that can't be found anywhere else:

    • New Resident Packets - Chamber members can insert promotional items, flyers or other branded materials in a promotional packet that is distributed to new residents upon request.
    • Ribbon Cuttings - Chamber members can host a ribbon cutting for a new business or expansion of a current business. These events receive coverage in The Dickson Herald and the Chamber Newsletter.
    • Display Promotional Material - Chamber members have the exclusive opportunity to display promotional materials and business cards in the lobby of the Chamber office.
    • Livability Magazine - Chamber members have the exclusive opportunity to advertise in the annual publication of Livability (formerly Images) magazine, a full-color visitor and promotional magazine about Dickson County.
    • Dickson County Map - Every three years the Chamber updates a fold-out map of Dickson County and the City of Dickson. Chamber members have the exclusive opportunity to advertise in the map. Maps are the most requested item at our office!

    What this means to you - A comprehensive marketing plan will include many, if not all of these opportunities. These are effective strategies to build your brand without undue expense or effort.

    Direct Link to Your Website

    Chamber members receive a free listing in our online business directory at dicksoncountychamber.com with a direct link to your business website.

    What this means to you - All exposure is good, especially when there are no additional costs. This is an easy and effective way to promote your business to the community and beyond.

    Professional Development

    The Chamber offers seminars and training quarterly that can help your business. In addition to formal seminars, we have informative and relevant speakers at luncheons and other events that can help grow your knowledge base.

    What this means to you - With the speed of information change, keeping up is crucial to the success of your business. These seminars and workshops provide an easy way to keep up and learn new and better methods to succeed.

    Opportunities for Involvement

    The Chamber is home to several committees that are active in shaping our community:

    • Ambassador Committee - Ambassadors act as the peer arm of the Chamber and represent the Chamber membership at events.
    • Agriculture Committee - The Ag Committee plans and executes four popular agriculture events each year in addition to working closely with the Dickson County Farmer's Market and being a voice for agriculture in Dickson County.
    • Education Edge - A committee that serves as a link between the school system and local businesses with the goal of improving education specific to the opportunities in our community.
    • Tourism Committee - Industry professionals who promote the wonderful places and faces of Dickson County.

    What this means to you - The more involved you are, the more visible your company becomes in the community. All of these opportunities allow for your business to be on the forefront of the Chamber and the pulse of Dickson County.