Dickson County Municipal Airport

Liberty Aviation, LLC is the fixed-based operator for Dickson County Municipal Airport-Pack Field is on their second five (5) year contract with the Dickson County Municipal Airport Authority signed February 28, 1998 through February 27, 2008.

Liberty Aviation is a partnership of Ann and Larry Hansen of Vanleer and Jeff Tipton, who formerly worked for a previous FBO. Tipton serves as director of operations, overseeing the day-to-day management of the facility.

The airport has two (2) 12,500 gallon, above ground fuel tanks for sales of Avgas and Jet fuel.

The airport offers open T-hangar storage of aircraft for $79.00 a month, closed T-hangar for aircraft for $150.00 to $250.00 a month according to size and tie-down space for $40.00 a month. The Tennessee Highway Patrol also maintains a helicopter at the airport.

The Dickson County Municipal Airport – Pack Field at 2370 Sylvia Road, took the first steps in implementing a $7 million plan in late 1994.

The Dickson City Council and Dickson County Commission each approved $25,000.00 each to match state funds used to buy property for a planned expansion and improvement of airport facilities.

The Dickson County Municipal Airport Authority received a 10 year growth plan from the state that includes an estimated $7 million in improvements. “Much of that money is obtained from State and Federal funds as the plan is implemented”, said Former Authority Chairman Charles Hampton. (Jim Simmons is the current chairman.)  The plan includes:

  • Extending the runway from 4,002’ to 5,500’, 5,002’ at 75’ wide - COMPLETE
  • The terminal building - COMPLETE
  • The land has been prepared for a new maintenance hangar - COMPLETE
  • The taxiways on the north and south end - COMPLETE
  • An expanded apron - COMPLETE
  • New T-hangars - COMPLETE
  • New parking lot - COMPLETE
  • A Fuel Farm - COMPLETE
  • Protective fencing around Airport - COMPLETE
  • The airport still lacks adding an additional 500 feet to the runway and widening it to 100 feet
  • New lighting system
  • Additional T-hangars
  • Purchasing the remaining property
  • Building a new maintenance hangar
  • Completing the plans for 150 acre business park on the east side of the runway

One feature at the Dickson County Municipal Airport is the new AWOS (Automated Weather Observation Station), which is the second generation. The state supplies this system in conjunction with the Airport Authority to provide the air weather updates. Planes landing at the airport can receive current weather conditions prior to landing which makes it safer for aircraft to land in low weather conditions.

The airport is staffed from 8am until 7pm year round. For more information, please call 615-446-5962 or for weather information, please call 615-446-5481.

Nashville International Airport

  • The Nashville Airfield (Berry Field) opened in 1937 on 340 acres.
  • Today includes more than 4,460 acres.
  • Served by 17 airlines operating 392 average daily flights to 81 markets (December 2001).
  • 9 million passengers in 2000.
  • 64.7 thousand tons of cargo in 2000.
  • Terminal complex includes 820,000-square-foot passenger terminal with 46 air carrier gates and up to 52 commuter aircraft parking positions.
  • Airfield has four runways of up to 11,000 feet, including parallels for simultaneous landings/takeoffs.
  • Contributes $2.3 billion annually and more than 15,000 jobs to the regional economy.
  • 173 based general aviation aircraft.
  • Serves a trade area of 79 counties in Middle Tennessee, Southern Kentucky and Northern Alabama.
For more information about Nashville International Airport visit
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