Dickson County Community

Prehistoric settlers were drawn to Dickson County for its rich natural resources and scenic beauty.  The same can be said for today’s modern “settlers” newcomers who have found it a lucrative place to make a living and a rewarding place to live.  With its combination of rural communities and convenient access to big-city amenities, Dickson County provides attractive lifestyle choices.  Its bustling business sector serves local residents, as well as those living in surrounding counties.  Retail businesses – not to mention industries – benefit from Dickson County’s prime location on Interstate 40.
Dickson County’s reputation as a delightful tourist destination is growing, especially among history buffs.  In downtown Dickson, the Clement Railroad History Museum provides visitors a glance into Dickson County’s past.  A downtown renaissance has helped restaurants, antique shops, boutiques and other small businesses to flourish.
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